A writer’s search engine history

My writer friends and I often joke about the weird things we research while writing, so I thought it would be fun to post a snippet of my recent writing-related search engine history:

  • Heirloom chicken breeds
  • How to make gunpowder
  • Renaissance guns
  • Father William Davies execution
  • Y Drych Cristianogawl
  • Robert Pugh Catholic recusant
  • Plas Penrhyn
  • Little Orme
  • Printing press parts
  • Cider making
  • Elizabethan portraits men 1580s
  • Burn scars (not a recommended image search)
  • Babington plot
  • Punch and Judy
  • Puppet show history
  • Henry Herbert Earl of Pembroke
  • Shakespearean insults

And this quick-and-dirty research doesn’t include the leaning tower of books next to my writing space. I’m putting some polish on a few scenes in my Elizabethan novel and fact checking myself as I go, though a new story idea is nagging at me, so I’ll be racking up a fresh set of strange searches soon. I get search-generated ads for the oddest things sometimes (this set will probably get me chicken recipes and English degree programs), and I’m sure the government agents spying on my internet use are scratching their heads (hi, guys!). 😉

What about you, fellow writers? What’s in your search history?

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