Cool Scrivener trick: setting the scene with a background image

Scrivener is a word processing program designed specifically for writers, and it has some really useful tools, like notecards for keeping track of research, and scene sections that are easy to move around. I am by no means a Scrivener expert. I love it for sketching out ideas and creating the rough draft, but I tend to switch to Open Office or Word when I get into editing mode because I feel more in control. One of my writing buddies showed me this Scrivener trick, though, and I have to share it because I’m finding it an awesome writing aid (Thanks, Lauren!).

Scrivener has a full screen option, which is nice by itself since it reduces the temptation to distract yourself from writing by checking social media or surfing the net. Scrivener takes things to the next level by letting you set your background image. You can choose a picture that matches the setting or mood of the piece you’re working on, and it shows up framing your writing space. I’m finding it surprisingly helpful for keeping my mind in the scene (especially since I’m still getting back in the groove after the holidays).

So, my workspace currently looks like this:


I feel like I’m looking out my window at the scene while I write.

It’s really easy to set up, too. While not in full screen mode, you click on “View” on the toolbar at the top. One of the options is “Full Screen Backdrop.” When you hover over it, you have the option to “Choose.” Click on it and select an image from the files on your computer. Then, also from the View drop drown menu, select “Enter Full Screen.” To get out of this mode, just hit the escape key.

If you use Scrivener, I hope you find this trick helpful. Happy writing in 2015!

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