Titles are not my forte

My husband came up with the best working title ever for my WIP set in Utah during World War I. Ready for it?

All Quiet on the Wasatch Front.

My co-author suggested A Bridgerland too Far, which is a close second even if it is the wrong war.

I have no clever titles of my own to add. My folder for the project is labeled, “WWI.”

A good cover is probably more important than a good title, but only by a little. Think of the books you’ve picked up just because the titles were beautiful, funny, or intriguing, and especially the books that really live up to their titles. Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. Across a Star-Swept Sea. The Drawing of the Dark. It’s a Mall World After All. The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven. Different books, different genres, all great titles.

My agent has rejected at least a dozen title suggestions for the YA fantasy I’m revising, and I’m not there yet. A fellow author, Chadd VanZanten, suggested finding a great line from the book–one that really gets to the heart of the story–and using that. While I like to think I have some lovely writing in there, I can’t find that magical line (which probably suggests another area where I can grow as an author). A lot of people steal from the classics, but everything I come up with that way has already been used. I guess, This Book is Awesome and You Should Read It probably won’t fly. Of course, I may come up with something I love just to have a publisher change it, so maybe I won’t stress about it too much, but someday I want to develop that knack for clever titles that beg readers to grab the book from the shelf.


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