Pitch Wars Pep Talk

The submissions window is closed, and the mentors are now frantically reading through the subs, looking for “the one.” When I was a hopeful, this was the stage where I was biting my nails and checking my email every 10 (5? 3?) minutes, so I want to let y’all know what things look like on my side of the inbox.

I got a little over 100 subs, and you guys brought your A-game. I’m super impressed with the quality of the writing and the intriguing ideas I’m reading. I’m still in the process of requesting fulls. And I have to choose just one manuscript to work with. This is going to be hard. As in, I’m going to loose sleep over this decision. When concepts and writing are this strong, it’s going to come down to which story clicks with me the most–something that’s completely subjective–and I think the other mentors are in the same situation. Agents are too, and I have a lot more sympathy for them now.

So, to everyone who subbed to me, congratulations on finishing a manuscript, on polishing it until it shines, and on being brave enough to put it out there. No matter what happens with Pitch Wars, you are doing amazing things. Pitch Wars is awesome, but it’s not your one and only chance. I was a Pitch Wars alternate (when such a thing existed). I ended up publishing that manuscript with a small press. Then I found my agent in a different pitch contest. And the journey doesn’t end with getting published or getting an agent. There are still revisions and rejections and waiting and waiting and waiting.

So, take a deep breath, soak in a warm bath, eat some good chocolate. Find something else to work on for the next month so the waiting doesn’t kill you. And no matter what happens with Pitch Wars, it’s just one step on your path. Keep going!