Gothic Audiobook Sale!

Tantor Media turned my 1600s Gothic novels Wishwood and Moon Hollow into audiobooks narrated by Rachael Beresford, and to celebrate their release, they’re on sale until the end of this month.

In Wishwood, Kate agrees to an arranged marriage to save her family’s estate, but a series of accidents makes her suspect that someone in her new home wants her dead.

In Moon Hollow, no one loves trouble, and Jael is a troublesome girl. After being passed off to various family members, she finally ends up at Moon Hollow, where her cousins accept her. But a dangerous secret lurks at Moon Hollow, and if she can’t unravel it, she may lose her only chance at a place to call home.

You can find Wishwood on sale here, and Moon Hollow here.

Cover of Wishwood audiobook showing a startled woman in a dark and creepy house interior.

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