Cruel Magic: Whitney Award Winner!

I’m late posting this here, but I’m honored and excited that Cruel Magic won the Whitney Award for Best YA Fantasy! Thank you to everyone who nominated/voted for it, and all those who support me in my writing adventure. This book means a lot to me, especially because Cassandra’s disability is based on my own. To all my fellow SCI warriors: You are enough!

Ball Gowns. Calling Cards. Hell Hounds.

Cassandra Weaver is hiding an infirmity from a society—and a family—that demands perfection.

Henry Stewart is hiding from his former Faerie masters, trying to remember what it means to be human.

Simple enough, except that their little town of Drixton conceals a secret as old as the church bells. The Queen of the Unseelie Fay is hunting a mortal soul there, and Cassandra and Henry stand in her way. They’ll need allies to stop her, but whom can they trust? The shape-shifting Fay with his own plans? The social pariah wielding uncanny abilities? The mysterious American who carries silver bullets? The beautiful lady with a dark past? They must decide what—or who—they’re willing to sacrifice to defeat the Unseelie Queen because if they fail, the dark magic of the Unseelie Fay will overpower both the mortal and Faerie worlds.

Cruel Magic is an action-packed gaslamp fantasy set in a Victorian England rife with secrets, romance, and Faerie enchantments.

Whitney Awards Winner Young Adult Fantasy: Cruel Magic

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