No Peace with the Dawn Cover Reveal!

We have a cover for No Peace with the Dawn (November 2016)! I really appreciate the work Michelle May Ledezma at Cedar Fort did on getting Reed’s U.S. Marine Corps uniform right. Marines don’t fight in their stylish blue dress uniforms, and in the Great War, they ended up having to wear Army uniforms in a lot of cases. Jeff will probably share more about this on his blog, but the Marines really got a raw deal from the U.S. Army when they went over to France, yet World War I–and the Battle of Belleau Wood in particular–ended up being pivotal in Marine Corps history and identity. It was a ridiculously nasty fight, but the Marines pushed the Germans back and stopped their march to Paris, possibly saving the city and the Allies’ war effort. Semper fi indeed!

Were there actually any Utahns at Belleau Wood during World War I? I’ve read a book that claims there were, but I’m not sure about the evidence for that. Maybe more research will turn up the answer, though if anyone knows–or had a family member who was there–I’d love to hear about it.




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